HRH The Prince of Wales has always expressed a deep interest and support for the traditions of the various communities which make up modern-day Britain. He has always been keen to create links between his different organisations and these communities.

The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts has been identified as one of His Royal Highness’ organisations which can establish contacts and work with Muslim and other cultural communities. This is in the form of outreach and community education programmes.

The aim of the Outreach and Community Education Programme is to encourage various communities – youth in particular – to rediscover and reassess their own cultural background. The success of these programmes is based on establishing a link between ideas and cultural identity on one hand and practical action on the other.

The Prince’s School has held successful outreach projects in collaboration with the East London Mosque, the Mulberry and Islamia Schools and the Nelson Education Project in Lancashire. It has also worked in collaboration with other institutions’ ongoing programmes in community education.

Islam Awareness Week 2005
On 24th of November 2005, Globe Education will launch the international Tent for Peace as part of this year’s Islam Awareness Week. Sixty of the many designs created by students from all over the UK and received from students in Cyprus, Egypt, Germany, Greece, India, Ireland, Italy, Lebanon, Mauritius, Morocco, Palestine, Spain, Turkey and the USA will create a beautiful lining for the Tent which will be especially constructed by PhD student Hal Wynne-Jones.

On the following weekend, on the 26th and 27th of November, The School will join Globe Education in the weekend long celebration of Islam Awareness week by providing a series of workshops which will echo the process conducted in the 60 schools of making designs for handkerchiefs. Four of our alumni, namely Lily Corbett, Unaiza Karim, Amber Khokhar and Nausheen Sheikh will teach children to work with different materials in applying Islimi/biomorphic designs using the same Teaching Resource which had been prepared for the teachers as reference.

“There’s Magic in the Web” and “The Tent for Peace”
As a follow up to the partnership formed through the Globe Souk on November 2004, The School has collaborated with Shakespeare’s Globe Education Department on a project which introduced students from about 60 schools in seven key cities in the UK to Shakespeare’s play, “Othello”. The School prepared the Teaching Resource which helped students understand the symbolism and dramatic function of the handkerchief in Othello ands introduced them to the tradition of art, craft and design in Islamic culture. Prior to this, The School had facilitated the teachers’ training day where teachers from participating schools throughout the country were invited to familiarise themselves and understand the principles of design in Islamic art described in the resource materials. This has enabled them to provide the means to produce work in schools with their students.

The School also designed and made banners for Globe Education’s tour of schools in 7 cities of the play Othello. This tour was programmed as part of the ‘There’s Magic in the Web’ project. The banners were designed and made to serve as visual aid to designing handkerchief for the ‘Tent of Peace’ project.

Travelling Souk 
This project is still in the planning and development stage although it has already been agreed that the travelling souk destinations will be Manchester and Blackburn.

As a prelude to the series of events which will comprise the Travelling Souk project, The School will hold a couple of workshops for Islam Awareness Week in the IslamiaPrimary School and at the Hargraves Park Primary on 14th and 15st November. These workshop events will dovetail with the Tent for Peace launch. Both workshops will revolve around the principles of geometric pattern in Islamic art and the relationship between pattern and form. Students will translate designs using different media and techniques and present these in the launch of the Tent for Peace at the Globe.

The workshop at Hargraves Park Primary is being made possible through the support of CEA Islington while the Islamia workshops will be supported by funding The School has generated through its own fundraising events.

Alongside their work were the new educational panels which are now on display at the National Building Museum in Washington DC for the exhibition “A Building Tradition: The Work of The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts.”

Art in Action Crafts Fair, 16th – 19th July 2005
Students, alumni and staff participated in Art in Action, a craft fair which is held every two years in Oxford. The Prince’s School’s tent showcased art work in both the Islamic and Christian traditions.